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Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest

“I tell our guys the restaurant has its place in society, in the sociological order of things. I didn’t realize it when I was a kid, but as I’m older I realize much, much more how what we do isn’t just serving food. People might have invented the wheel a whole lot sooner if they’d had a restaurant around there someplace.”
-- Joe Vuskovich, owner of Yats cajun creole restaurant

For two years, Indiana Humanities explored how we think about, experience and share what we eat through our statewide Food For Thought initiative. Now we are proud to announce that our capstone to this program -- a book about Indiana food commissioned by Indiana Humanities -- is now available. Purchase your copy today!

Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest is a book that, through stories and pictures, captures and explores this exciting time in Indiana food and agriculture. Indiana has a rich agricultural history. But talk to old timers and newcomers alike and you’ll find remarkable agreement: food has never been better in the Hoosier state.

Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest tells the story of Indiana’s food renaissance through the voices of more than 80 people who are creating this fresh and dynamic scene. You’ll meet Greg Gunthorp, whose grass-fed pork and poultry are served by some of the best chefs in the country; and Dani Tippmann, reviving the Native American foodways of her ancestors. There’s Lisa Sparks, who says she hates pie, but keeps winning prizes for the best ones in America; and Jay Akridge at Purdue University who is training the next generation of farmers; Jesús Alvarez, the Mexican immigrant known as “the Pierogi King” of Whiting, Indiana; and Aster Bekele, who has turned an urban farm into a lifeline for kids in need.

Each one of these substantive, first-person stories is enhanced by original, color photography, creating a vivid composite view of this extraordinary moment in Indiana history.

If you’re interested in good food, midwestern culture, farming, Indiana, or contemporary trends you’ll find something to chew on here. You might even be a bit surprised by the breadth of Hoosier creativity that’s on display. There really is more than corn in Indiana and Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest can change the way you think about this heartland state.

It’s bound to make you hungry for more.

The soft-cover coffee table book is available for $24.95 at bookstores, online, and through a book tour that will travel statewide. "Like" the book on Facebook for updates and excerpts from the road as author David Hoppe and photographer Kristin Hess tour the state.













Top Left: Becky Hostetter, founder of Duos Food Truck.

Top Right: Sonny Beck, President and General Manager of Beck’s Superior Hybrids, in front of his childhood home.

Bottom Left: Larry Wappel, mint, cucumber, corn and soybean farmer in Northern Indiana.

Bottom Right: Jesus Alvarez, of Lynethe’s Deli and Pierogies.