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Chew on This







Chew on This brought 150 people together, at nine different locations around the city, to talk and tweet about how Indiana’s strengths in agriculture and artisanal products can help position Indiana globally, on Tuesday, May 4.

Facilitators included chefs, gardeners, self-professed foodies and local community leaders, such as Neal Brown, Michelle Griffith, Laura Henderson, Michael Twyman and Bob Whitt.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the conversations that buzzed around Twitter (to see the entire #chewonthis conversation from Twitter, click here, or read a blog post about one of the conversations):

• We need to incorporate local food and farming into schools the way recycling has been - kids will teach parents

• Is Hoosier humility holding us back? We need to market ourselves better - brag!

• We each can make choices to help usher back a more sustainable food culture in our city and state.

• Next read thanks to @NealjBrown's suggestion, Food Rules by Michael Pollan.

• Food could be a way to attract the best and the brightest to Indianapolis

• Keep our money in our community by supporting local owners/markets

• Indiana needs to brand our products: Indiana Duck, Indiana Popcorn...if other states can do it, why can’t we?

• Perspective from a Colorado guest: the quality of food in Indiana is better! And a bargain

• Interesting conversation about the economics of eating organic...Do you really have to be wealthy to eat organically?

• We're 'chewing' on a host of community issues... transportation, schools, public safety, etc., in addition to food of course.

This event was a key component of Food for Thought, Indiana Humanities' two-year program that incorporates lectures, storytelling contests, an oral history collection, a traveling exhibit, and much, much, more. It was also part of the IndyTalks series—a citywide effort designed to foster a sense of community through respectful and creative civic dialogue. Learn more at www.IndyTalks.info.