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Big Car and Service Center


Big Car

Founded in 2004, Big Car has lived up to its mission of ‘bringing art to people and people to art’ through countless creative initiatives that aim to make Indianapolis a more well-connected and overall, better city.  With the introduction of Service Center in the Lafayette Square area last year, Big Car has greatly expanded its reach by providing programming and events to more diverse and underserved parts of the city.  2012 has and will continue to be an exciting year for Big Car as it unveils and unrolls more creative initiatives that explore the people and places that make up Indianapolis.

Department of Yes

Just one of several components of Big Car, the Department of Yes will present creative and social experiences in many of Indianapolis’ public spaces.  Because Indy has so many parks, monuments, and bicycle and walking trails, it makes perfect sense to utilize these spaces in a more creative and connected way.  Through pop-up creativity spaces located in these public spaces, Big Car will act as the catalyst to motivate people to become more curious, creative, adventurous and tolerant citizens.  Non-competitive games, cultural parties and arts festivals are just a small sample of what this program offers.  By using the existing public spaces, the Department of Yes will help to develop the urban core of Indianapolis, encouraging more Indy residents to take pride and responsibility in the city that they live in.

Big Car is currently in the midst of a fundraising campaign to finance this program.  To learn more or to donate, click here.

Square Share

   Storytelling is one of the most basic human interactions, allowing people to connect and learn from one another on a deeper level.  Big Car recognizes the importance of telling one’s story and because of that has created Square Share, a project to gather stories and get to know the people who live, work and visit the Lafayette Square area.  This area, one of the most culturally-diverse in Indianapolis, definitely has stories to tell.  Upon the completion of this program, Big Car will compile all of the stories that were told into an exhibit and celebration so that the entire city can learn from the residents of this particular part of Indy.  For more information about participating in Square Share, click here.

Service Center

True to the name, Service Center is a former Firestone tire dealership on the city’s northwest side.  Big Car unveiled its newest space in September of last year, and since then the Service Center has thrived, offering a community garden, events, workshops, discussions, classes, and most importantly, a community gathering spot that encourages local residents to use art, any kind of art, to help revitalize and spark a change in our city.

Currently open to the public on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Service Center offers a small library, meeting area, and computer lab with Internet access, all free to the general public.  One of the most unique services that Big Car offers, Service Center truly takes Big Car’s mission and goes above and beyond  – especially in its neighborhood garden, the first in the city to be grown on a parking lot.  Service Center has not only strengthened a struggling neighborhood, giving a safe and dynamic haven for the residents of the area, but has revitalized the city as a whole, showing exactly what Indy is capable of achieving.

The public gardens at Service Center

Service Center has constant programming, and new events are posted regularly on Service Center’s Facebook page and Big Car’s Twitter feed.


While details are still taking shape, Big Car is excited to organize TEDxIndianapolis on October 26 in partnership with The International School and the Indianapolis Museum of Art at The Toby.

While speakers are still being selected, the theme of this TED series will be ‘Design Learning’, a topic that is sure to be both captivating and educational in nature.  This is the first Indianapolis event of its scale connected to the national TED series where speakers from around the world present talks about technology, education, and design. Videos from the talks are shared online, building both actual and virtual communities. Watch or Big Car’s Facebook page for updates about TEDxIndianapolis including the announcement of speakers and when tickets become available for this event.

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